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 Heather Anderson 

Diploma Remedial Massage

Member Massage & Myotherapy Australia


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 Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is amazing for helping people to unwind and aid in sleeplessness, anxiety and general muscular tension. Can assist with boosting your immune system by reducing stress. Increases mental alertness as well as a sense of well being.


Remedial Masssage

If you have been injured or have a chronic condition, Remedial massage can help reduce muscle stiffness and pain.

Remedial Massage can also assist asthmatics in relieving tightness in breathing accessory muscles.

Increase joint mobility thereby alleviating pain and stiffness .

After injury or surgery it can assist with breaking down scar tissue.

Remedial massage helps to improve posture by targeted release of the muscles causing poor posture. Exercises are also given to help this if needed.

Specializing in treatment of headaches,stress back,neck and shoulder pain.


Pregnancy Massage

Massage is great for relieving those general aches and pains that you experience during pregnacy.

This is done mostly in a sidelying position depending on how advanced the pregnancy.

Can help with lower back pain and neck and shoulder stiffness.  



Heather is a wonderful massage therapist! She is highly skilled, and very committed to helping her clients. Heather is also a kind, honest person who is easy to talk to and genuinely cares about her patients. Heather is experienced in finding "trouble spots" and working with you to relieve them, so at the end of your massage you feel relaxed and refreshed. She'll tailor her techniques to give you the massage that's best for you. Being a massage therapist myself I have tried several therapists and found Heather to be the most effective at helping with injuries and relieving my tension.
Julia (Lilydale)